CIS 656 Material, Fall 2004. This page is under development.
For more general material about CIS 656, less specifically for the
fall of 2004, see CIS 656 General and CIS 656 content.
In the fall of 2004, the class will meet Sat 9:15 - 12:10, in Kupfrian 211.
The class will be similar to CIS 656 in the spring of 2004, see
CIS 656, spring 2004. The same book (Forouzan, TCP/IP) will be used.

All homework will be assigned on the page
Homework Assignments.
Make sure to visit that page frequently.

A schedule of classes, exams, etc, and a weights for grade computation can be found in ``Schedule''.
Since there are only 13 Saturday sessions in this semester, classtime will be increased by 15 minutes.
Henceforth, the class will meet Sat 9:00 - 12:10.

As soon as you can, visit the page
Computer access at NJIT,
and do those things described there that are not old hat to you.

A list of one required book (Forouzan, TCP/IP) and several ``recommended'' books is given in
Books for CIS 656.

Other pages you will (or may) need to visit for this course are

and several more.

Many of these files are from the spring and have not been updated yet.
There will be no significant changes.
Some of the examples will not work anymore, you are able to make the necessary modifications.
Feel free to start reading now.

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