Teun Ott's new Home Page (AKA "Teunis Ott" or "Teunis J. Ott")

In 2001 I moved from Telcordia to the New Jersey Institute of Technology,
(NJIT), where I was professor in Computer Science.
In the summer of 2006 I left NJIT.

My new Email adress is "empty teun at teunisott dot com void".
The URL of the website you are now looking at is "www.teunisott.com".
If you have not done so yet, put this one in your bookmarks or favorites.

Apart from several new papers in "www.teunisott.com/Papers", this website
is still very similar to the website I had at NJIT. Changes will be made.

My resume is at the end of the "Papers" page.
My Erdos number is 2:
Once through Noga Alon, and once through Peter Winkler.
Otherwise it would have been 3, through Joop Kemperman.
For more on Erdos numbers, see e.g. www.oakland.edu/enp .

I am in the process of setting up my web page.
Forgive the chaos.
I plan to put all papers for which I have an electronic version on this web site.

Teun Ott.